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Jesslyn was born in Sydney, Australia in February 2003. She is currently 16 years old and the youngest in the family with 2 older brothers. Jesslyn is smart, sweet, cute, loving, creative and an artistic girl who loves to inspire and be a blessing to others.

She loves painting. I discovered her talent in acrylics when she was three and a half years old. Jesslyn’s choices of colours are always brilliant, unique and creative. She is exploring many styles of paintings, such as landscape, abstract, mix media, collage and still life using oils and acrylics.

​As her mother, I try to inspire, motivate, teach and guide her with all the skills needed.

Her first group exhibition was held at the South Maroubra Village Green Art Show at Maroubra, in 2007. In this event, she won the 1st prize for the “Kids Category” and also the 1st prize for “People Choice Award”.

In 2007, Jesslyn at 4 years of age, auctioned and donated her painting to help the Watoto Children in Africa.

In 2008, she entered her paintings in another group exhibition in Bondi Pavilion Gallery, and again in South Maroubra Village Green Art Show.

In May 2009, March 2010 and September 2010, she had an opportunity to participate in a painting workshop with Ken Harris, the very well known Australian artist and teacher. She learned to paint with oils, and she was able to create 4 to 5 paintings in that 2 day workshop. 

​In 2009, she had her very first solo exhibition, facilitated by the Sydney’s Children Hospital, Randwick. This show features high quality reproductions of her original paintings. In her early childhood she already was staring to help others in need.

She was featured as the headline story on the front page of the local paper, “Southern Courier” June 2, 2009.

In 2010, she was a finalist in ‘Calling All Artists 2010, Write4Fun’. Jesslyn launched her very first book and DVD on the opening exhibition day at TAP Gallery on the 8 February 2011, called “Paint like a pro with Jesslyn Vol. 1”, where she teaches how to paint, revealing the techniques that she uses in her painting. There are 2 exercises in the book and the DVD goes through a step by step of how to do it. Her exhibition at Tap Gallery was a great success. She also has auctioned one of her best painting ‘Coral Reef’ to help the people affected in Queensland flooding. 

​In 2010, she was featured in The Sydney Morning Herald, Chanel 7 Sunrise, SCTV, The Southern Courier, radio station: 103.2 and 106.5

Jesslyn also held painting workshops and book signings at Dymocks main city book shop in Sydney.

Jesslyn also co-published a book with his older brother Reinhardt Wijaya, called "50 Quotes for life".
This book is best seller. We have printed 3 times and now we are printing it the 4th times.

From 8 - 21 July 2011, Jesslyn had another solo exhibition at Collingwood Gallery, Melbourne. This also was a success. ​She also held a painting workshop.

2011, Jesslyn is the youngest participant for NSW Art Gallery Wynne Prize and Sulman Art Prize.

​2012, Jesslyn is the youngest participant for NSW Art Gallery Archibald Prize and Wynne Prize.

In October 2013, she officially opened her School Holiday painting class "JCW Art Studio" in Maroubra.

​Jesslyn has been teaching at the Des Renford Leisure Centre since beginning of 2014. She currently has around 200 students, making her the Australian Youngest Art Teacher/ Instructor. She teaches landscape, collage, mix media, still life, and abstract art techniques and styles step by step in clarity. Her students can produce a marvellous results just in 2 hours.

In July 2014, Jesslyn helped raised funds for "Langkah Kasih" (Steps of love). Helping children who lives in remote areas of Indonesia who does not have shoes. The money raised then been used to purchase shoes for them.

In April 2015, Jesslyn helped raised funds for a young boy with a medical condition named Kael through Make-A-Wish Foundation, so that Kael's wish can come true and may help strengthen his life when undergo his chemo treatment.

Jesslyn had stepped up becoming a motivational speaker. She was invited as a guest motivational speaker on the 6th July 2015 at Magic Moments Youth Leadership & Business Summit at Collaroy NSW.

Jesslyn is the founder of the Australian Children Art Society which was launched on 1st November 2015 to showcase JCW Art Studio’s students at Des Renford Leisure Centre from 1 – 6 November 2015. Her desire is to inspire other children and about art and what they can do with art, encourage young people to explore and grow, thus help build their confidence. In this event, she helped raised funds for Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute. The winners of Australian Children Art Society Painting Exhibition were then being displayed at The Sydney Children Hospital Foundation (SCHF) from 9 - 16 November 2015. In this event, she helped raised funds for the SCHF. She wants to help the children that needs help for their treatment.

In Nov 15th 2015 , Jesslyn was awarded 1st prize for kids category at the South Maroubra Village Green Art Show at Maroubra.

July 3rd 2016, Jesslyn was invited again to speak at
Magic Moments Youth Leadership & Business Summit at Collaroy NSW. During this, she was invited to speak in Hawaii for another Youth Leadership conference.

​19th August 2016, Jesslyn showcased her master piece called “Memory Lane” done in acrylic on canvas with size of 2.14m x 1.53m. This was her prestigious solo exhibition. She’s taking it to another level.

On the 6th November 2016, the Australian Children Art Society exhibition was on for the second time at Des Renford Leisure Centre, There were many prizes and awards for JCW Art Studio students.

​On 23rd June 2017, she had another amazing solo exhibition at the 1st City Anderson & Doak. Formerly known as Richard Martin Art Gallery.

April - May 2018, she had her solo exhibition at the Fountain Court of Parliament House of NSW, Macquarie Street, Sydney. She was the first young person to ever hold a solo exhibition at NSW Parliament House since 1829.

Her current up-coming exhibition will be at TAP Gallery from 16th July - 11th August 2019.
Lv 1, 259 Riley Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday from 12pm - 10pm. Sunday from 12pm - 6pm.

​Jesslyn and I hope that her talents in art and her encouragements will bring joy and happiness to many, and to be an inspiration to other children through her creativity and her life. 

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